2021 Holiday Price Matching Guide

Spotting a price go down on a gift you've already purchased can be a big bummer!

This year, don't sweat it! 

So many stores have policies that help put money back in your pocket!

What's a Price Match?

Stores will match lower prices and PAY YOU back the difference! For example: you buy a TV at Costco for $500 and then a week later that TV is on sale for $350. Bring your receipt to Costco customer service and they'll refund you $150!

Tell Me More...

Ian Group (@ianbuildswealth) and Genevieve Anderson (@holistic.personal.finance) partnered up to create a guide of our top 10 price match policies.

We've included all the details on each policy and links to the fine print to save you valuable time and money!

Grab your free Holiday Price Matching Guide!

Forget the FOMO fellow Savers!

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