Take Control of Your Financial Future

⚠️ Warning: This is not another budget tracker ⚠️

This workbook with training will help you

  • 💸  Find opportunities to increase your monthly cash flow

  • ⏲  Spend less time managing your finances and more time spending on what you love

  • 🙌🏼  Stay motivated to reach your financial goals!

Let's get started!

Without this workbook you might be:

  • Wasting time with the same old budgeting templates
  • Tediously tracking every single expense all year long with no end in sight
  • Going in circles, never reaching your goals
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your options so you don't take action
  • Cultivating a negative mindset

With this workbook you'll:

  • Get clear about your finances & see new opportunities.
  • Develop positive money habits , so you can spend less time managing and more time spending on what you love!
  • Get step by step training so you can make the most of this workbook- fast!
  • Discover how to make, prioritize & crush SMART goals!


"You can't really know where you are going until you know where you have been" - Maya Angelou

If you want to...

  • Have the freedom to spend more money on what you love
  • Stop juggling trying to save for retirement & paydown debt.
  • Feel financially prepared for the next emergency.
  • Be confident about reaching your financial goals.
  • Stay on track & not spend any extra income.
  • Have less stress around managing your money.
  • Get ready to invest & build wealth!

Then the 'Not a Budget' Cash Flow & Net Worth Workbook is for you!

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The truth about budgets...

  • 59% of Americans have a budget... and yet
  • 70% of American live paycheck to paycheck

This means that most folks have either given up on budgeting all together or have a budget that is not meeting their needs.

I get it!

After a decade in financial services and now as a Financial Coach, I've seen my fair share of hemming and hawwing- and have done plenty of procrastinating myself. You know that you need to cut spending, save more & paydown debt but where exactly to start?

So, what's step 1?

Contrary to popular belief...

It's not a budget.


We know that traditional budgeting doesn't always work, but why? From my experience, I think it’s because we’re taught to cut costs & spend less.

Instead, what if we learned to focus on making more money & spend smart?

Let me be clear- I’m not saying to stop tracking ALL spending, but to focus rather on cash flow and big ticket items. For the smaller purchases, let’s learn how to spend intentionally. 

This is why I created the 'Not a Budget' Cash Flow & Net Worth Workbook.

Just check out what my clients said after they completed this workbook:


I'm feeling creative and excited about my future! Do yourself a favor and invest in your future!


After a week I was already motivated to increase my 401k contributions and have put myself on a better spending plan!

Take control of your financial future

When’s the last time you actually felt EXCITED about your finances?


You might be wondering, so here’s what’s included:

  • An initial cash flow discovery sheet. Identify what’s coming in & what’s going out. 
  • An initial net worth statement. Get clear on what you owe & what you own.
  • A system to create your first 3 financial SMART goals. 
  • An emergency fund tracker, because this always is a top priority.
  • A cash flow tracker you can use all year long to keep you on track.
  • A net worth tracker you can use all year long to celebrate your wins!
  • A training video where I’ll take you step by step through the workbook with all the tips & tricks so you get the best results!
  • A document outlining my favorite smart-spending tips. 
Get Started Today!

Hi there!

I’m Genevieve and I’m a financial services professional -> financial wellness coach. After years working in finance and helping my clients find success, I started to realize that I was't accomplishing my own financial goals. I had a hard time keeping to a budget, saving for emergencies and finding the money and confidence to invest. It was time for a reset.

That's when I created the "Not a budget" Cash Flow & Net Worth Workbook and used it myself to create a focused and attainable financial plan that I could stick to.

Then I started to focus on my money mindset. I become more grateful and stopped comparing myself to others (as much). I put into practice the proven methods I had developed to help other people build wealth by creating an easy, simple, and automated spending plan that helped me pay down debt fast and increase my income.

Lo and behold- it worked! In 2 years, I paid off over $30,000 of debt, created multiple income streams and increased my net worth by $100,000. The best part- because I finally had my mindset figured out, I did all this without depriving myself of all the wonderful things I love…

I finally found the last piece of the financial success puzzle and I’m excited to share my formula with you!

As a financial wellness coach I help people save more, borrow wisely & invest to build wealth. My goal is to empower you with easy to use information about all things personal finance so you can take action and balance your money with your life!

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