Holistic Financial Coaching

If you're finally ready take control of your money, learn to invest & build a wealthy life YOU love- This signature 1:1 program is for you.

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Supercharge your financial goals!

Money is one of the most common causes of stress...

Does this sound familiar?

  • You keep saying you'll save more, but never seem to have money leftover
  • Hearing others talk about money makes you anxious
  • You have BIG goals, but you're not sure where to start or what goal to prioritize first
  • You know investing is important, but feel overwhelmed with all the information
  • You've read books, watched videos & Googled, but never seem to implement any of those ideas
  • You've made money mistakes before and you're nervous you'll make more
  • I can relate!

Have you ever wondered: Is it actually possible to...

  • Spend less and become debt free without giving up everything I love?
  • Confidently be an investor and not second guess myself?
  • Manage my money without spending hours every week?
  • Have a financial plan that aligns with MY values AND is simple enough for me to stick to?


Here's my thoughts...

Cash may be king, but cash flow is the Queen! Making money and managing money are 2 distinct skills. This is why we see star athletes and lottery winners go broke as their earning years sizzle out. The key that most people leave out is that managing your money is more than just math. It's learning how to be intentional, figuring out your goals and creating a system that works just for you. The good news, all this is easier than you think!

After a decade helping people with their finances I know that investing is the key to building wealth and accomplishing your long-term goals. The good news- ANYONE (yes, this means you) can be a great investor. Unfortunately the finance industry capitalizes on making investing seem more complex. But investing isn't really hard, it's just unfamiliar. Once you learn the lingo and practice the fundamentals, investing becomes quite easy. 

Personal finance is...personal. That means the advice you read in personal finance books, listen to on podcasts or Google-- might not work for you, and that's OK!

Your values matter. Your mindset matters. Being intentional with your attitude, what you tell yourself, how you spend and how you save will be the magic that make your goals happen!

I want you to be competent and confident about making your next big money moves. I know you can do it! You just need an easy plan and the support to follow through-- you got this!

"This program really changed my life a lot. Before coaching I had a hard time looking at my spending and letting go of past money mistakes. Now I’m very comfortable with reviewing my finances and that has made a world of difference. This has helped me think about things before I buy them and become a more intentional spender- I now have an awareness around where my money is going- which feels really good! During the program I was able to save more money than ever- covering more than the cost of the program in just a couple weeks and I also met my professional goals of having more steady income and work flexibility. Genevieve helped me learn that I can let go of past mistakes and I don’t have to punish myself about money anymore. The coaching was a cool combination of internal work and practical, actionable stuff that has changed the game in helping me manage my money better. Overall the sessions were so much fun, I would always look forward to our meetings! Genevieve was able to take the intimidation out of money for me and make it a fun and comfortable topic to learn more about!"

- Camille

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When it comes to money, time is your most valuable asset. Let's get your finances on track so you can start living your wealthy life sooner! Spots are limited for 2024!

Accomplish your #moneygoals this year!

"One big takeaway for me was just feeling OK. Like my feet were firmly planted on the ground financially. I just didn't know where to start for the goals that I had. Now I feel ok, I know more, I feel comfortable and I can share the knowledge I have. Having that and feeling the confidence was a big takeaway. Other things I liked: having a plan for when I have bonuses, now I know how to use that money. Also my debt payoff plan… but I have resources to change my plan if I need to. And, one of the biggest things, setting up my Roth IRA- my future is taken care of! I like all of those things, I got a lot out of this!" 


Holistic Financial Coaching

Twelve weeks to transform your finances

What's Included: 

8 1-hr video meetings 

This is where the magic happens. Think of this like your own personal, interactive finance class. After laying out your financial situation, we'll set up specific goals just for you. Over the weeks we'll cover the information you need and take action together to move you towards those goals -- fast! You'll get all your questions answered and review your progress to help keep you motivated and hold you accountable to make the most out of the program. This is my favorite part of the program and I try to make these meetings fun and super interactive! 

1 30-day post review video meet-up 

I want to ensure you are clear about your financial path and answer any follow up questions you have and celebrate your success! 

Financial statement audit 

First things first- get a comprehensive review of your spending habits. This is a necessary but time consuming process and it's where most people get stuck on their financial journey. You'll be able to use this to get super clear on your cash flow and know exactly how much you're spending, saving, & investing and how these habits impact your goals.

Personalized Workbook 

This is the exact workbook I used to pay off over $30,000 and increase my net worth by over $100k in 2 years. I'll help you set this up and we'll use it to track and celebrate the wins!

Personalized Money System

I'll show you exactly what accounts you need and how to automate them to make managing your finances EASY! I love creating cash flow plans- so I'll build out your personalized blueprint for where your money needs to go each month.

A personal cheering squad of 1

Fun fact: I actually used to be a cheerleader! On that note, let's be honest... taking control of your finances can be empowering, but frustrating moments are bound to pop up. I'm here to make this journey as easy as possible and help get you over and bumps come up along the way-- you can do this, promise!

Dedicated Slack channel

Need support in-between meet- ups? I got you covered! 

A celebratory gift!

Remember, this program is all about balance! So when you accomplish one of your goals, instead of speeding to the next one, we'll make sure to take a pause and celebrate!

FREE Lifetime Access

Once a HPF Client, always a HPF client. This means you get FREE LIFETIME access to the Holistic Financial Coaching Community- with 40 and counting links, recommendations, templates, reminders and more-- all updated regularly so you have all the financial resources you need. Plus, continued access to your slack channel for any follow up questions!

"HIGHLY recommend working with Holistic Personal Finance! My wife and I are newly married and needed LOTS of help organizing (and understanding) our finances. Genevieve was simply amazing! She helped us to diversify our 401K plans to maximize for retirement, set up an LLC for our business, create a joint budget, and establish joint investment accounts. She carefully explained all of our options and made the whole process feel much less daunting than we anticipated. It was nice to feel like we were in good hands with Genevieve, and to finally be in control of our finances.

- Chas & Alexa

Your Step-by-Step Plan

Note: This is a general outline and the actual program will be specific to you & your financial situation.

No one-size-fits-all-finance here!

Meeting #1 Let's get clear

Seeing the numbers can be scary, but empowering. We'll collect all the data we need to craft & optimize your financial plan!

Meeting #2 Goals & Plan

Let's get super clear on what your short, mid and long term goals are. Then, we'll work to create an automated and personalized money system!

Meeting #3 Intentional Spending

Intentional spending is all about leaving a budget behind! We'll review useful tips and tricks that can help you build this habit

Meeting #4 Automate it

 Automation beats motivation every time. We'll finalize your money system and ensure you have the right automations to set you up for success!

Meeting #5 Money Mindset

Your mindset and values will guide your success. I want you to open your mind to new opportunities & keep you motivated to accomplish your goals!

Meeting #6 Investing 101

Investing is key to reaching your long term goals like retirement or work-flexibility. Let's build your confidence & get you on your way to building wealth!

Meeting #7 More about Investing!

Investing is a big topic- we'll continue to dive deep into investing knowledge here!

Meeting #8 Long Term Planning

I want you to leave the program feeling confident about your long term financial future. We'll review any lingering topics & celebrate your successes here!

"I would absolutely recommend Genevieve with Holistic Personal Finance for financial coaching. I ran the math and the payback period of this program is 2.5 years- and realistically much more when you add in compound interest. After meeting with Dave Ramsey’s advisors and some other folks I found– I picked the Holistic Financial Coaching program because Genevieve was very truthful, honest, wasn't trying to sell anything and her values lined up with mine. My biggest takeaway from the program was a change in money mindset- that’s left me feeling more intentional and less stressed. Instead of being a ‘super saver’ I can now enjoy the money I’m making while automatically staying on track for long term financial success. A lot of the worry I used to feel around spending money is gone. Genevieve was able to push me out of my comfort zone and gave me some great resources. I also enjoyed reviewing my investments- it was gratifying to learn I could be doing something different. Genevieve did not just talk the talk- she actually walked the walk and helped me follow through with making the needed changes.

- Colt

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I'm excited you're here, let's work together to accomplish your financial goals 4x faster than the DIY method!

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So, you're ready to make a change and enjoy life changing financial results.

Holistic Financial Coaching is right for you if...

  • You have financial goals that you want to accomplish quickly!
  • You want to get your finances in order today, but also learn and gain the confidence to make smart money moves in the future.
  • You're tired of flying by the seat of your pants or having a plan that never works.
  • You're ready to sleep soundly & lose the anxiety caused by money troubles.
  • You're craving a financial roadmap detailed just for you.
  • You're highly motivated to better your financial situation and willing to put in the efforts needed.
  • You wish you had someone by your side to encourage you, help you see the big picture & confirm you're going in the right direction.
  • You want to feel in control to up level your financial situation.
  • You don't want to waste your time with activities that get you nowhere.

What clients are saying...

After completing the coaching program my clients have real, life changing results.

On average clients pay off $1,800 of debt, save $1,700 and INVEST $18,000!


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When it comes to money, time is your most valuable asset. Let's get your finances on track so you can start living your wealthy life sooner!

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Hi, I'm Genevieve

and I’m a financial services professional --> financial wellness coach. After years of working in finance, I started to realize that I wasn't accomplishing my own financial goals (yikes!). Then I started to focus on my money mindset. I become more grateful and stopped comparing myself to others (as much). I put into practice the proven methods I had developed to help other people build wealth by creating an easy, simple, and automated spending plan that helped me pay down debt fast and increase my income.

Lo and behold- it worked! In 2 years, I paid off over $30,000 of debt, created multiple income streams and increased my net worth by over $100,000. The best part- because I finally had my mindset figured out, I did all this without depriving myself of all the wonderful things I love…I finally found the last piece of the financial success puzzle and I’m excited to share my formula with you!

As a financial wellness coach I'll help you save more, pay down debt, borrow wisely & learn to invest to build wealth. My goal is to empower you with easy to use information about all things personal finance so you can take action and build a wealthy life you love!

"Before working with Genevieve, I knew how much money I had in my bank account, but did not have a plan for the future. After a pay raise, we reviewed a cash flow plan which helped me save more money immediately. She also helped me realize that I hadn't been investing my HSA. If she hadn't helped me research this, I would be missing out on lots of compound interest (and tax free money!). She helped me understand investing in an easy way so I could optimize my 401k, IRA, HSA and personal brokerage accounts. I feel more confident in my current financial situation and excited about how I’m building wealth for the future."

- Drew

Today's the day.

Ready to finally feel empowered & in control of your finances?

Imagine saying THIS ūüĎáūüŹľ in 4 months

  • "What credit card debt? I'm done with that!"
  • "Investing is actually easier than I thought- I'm on my way to a healthy (and maybe early) retirement!"
  • "I know my goals and the whys behind them and that keeps me motivated"
  • "I¬†sleep better at night knowing that I'm prepared for an emergency"
  • "It takes me about an hour a month to manage my money. The best part is I know it's working hard for me behind the scenes!"

How would that make you feel?

More importantly, what would happen if you didn't make any changes? If you just kept doing the same old things, how much money would that cost you?

Look, I know you may be thinking 'Ok, I'll look into this when...(fill in your perfect scenario here).' The truth is, there is no 'perfect' time to start. I teach the 85% rule in my coaching program: this means that if you're at least 85% sure to start investing, you're probably sure enough! And really, what better investment is there than investing in yourself?!

Holistic Financial Coaching is designed to teach you how to develop your own financial plan and actually stick to it so you feel empowered to make the best money decisions for you- no matter what your current situation is! This means the lessons you learn here will carry you for the rest of your life!

How much would it cost you if you waited to take action?

You're questions, answered.

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I can't wait to help you start feeling great about your money and start building wealth!

Let's do this!

Holistic Financial Coaching

Today's the day.

There's no better time to invest in yourself. Finally feel empowered & in control of your finances!

I can't wait to help you crush some money goals!

What will your transformation look like?

I'm ready, let's do this!