Holistic Financial Coaching

The 12 week program for people who are finally ready take control of their money, invest to build wealth & find balance in their life.

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Money is one of the most common causes of stress...

Does this sound familiar?

  • You keep saying you'll save more, but never seem to have money leftover
  • Hearing others talk about money makes you anxious
  • You have BIG goals, but you're not sure where to start or what goal to prioritize first
  • You know investing is important, but feel overwhelmed with all the information
  • You've read books, watched videos & Googled, but never seem to implement any of those ideas
  • You've made money mistakes before and you're nervous you'll make more
  • I can relate!
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"Just got off a coaching call with my friend, discussing cash flow, investments, second incomes and retirement plans 🙌🏼 Thank you Gen for your time, sharing your expertise, mindset and affirmation work and the new ideas 💡

I'm feeling creative and excited for my future! Do yourself a favor and invest in your future!" -Heather D.

Have you ever wondered: Is it actually possible to...

  • Live within my means and become debt free without giving up everything I love?
  • Confidently be an investor and not second guess myself?
  • Find a way to manage my money without spending hours every week but still know what's going on?
  • Have an individual money plan that aligns with my values AND is simple enough for me to stick to?


Genevieve Finance Coach

Here's my thoughts...

Cash may be king, but cash flow is the Queen! Living below your means is the first part to any financial plan and surprise- it might be easier than you think! After a decade helping people with their finances I know that investing is the key to building wealth and accomplishing your long-term goals. The good news- ANYONE can be an investor and fun fact: women make better investors than men!

Money management doesn't have to be complex and no, you don't have to track every single latte order.

Personal finance is...personal. That means the advice you read in personal finance books, listen to on podcasts or Google-- might not work for you, and that's OK!

Your values matter. Your mindset matters. Being intentional with your attitude, how you spend and how you save will be the magic that make your goals happen!

I want you to be competent and confident about making your next big money moves. I know you can do it! You just need an easy plan and the support to follow through-- you got this!

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Holistic Financial Coaching

Twelve weeks to transform your finances

What's Included:

Getting to know you preparation worksheet

You'll fill in all the basics and get me up to speed on what your current financial picture looks like & highlight what specific goals we want to tackle.

6 1-hr video meet- ups 

This is where the magic happens. You'll get all your questions answers and we'll consult on how you can turn your goals into your dream life. This is also where you'll learn about different personal finance topics- that meant he most to you and review your progress to help keep you motivated and hold you accountable to make the most out of this program!

1 30-day post review video meet-up 

I want to ensure you are clear about your financial path and answer any follow up questions you have and celebrate your success! 

Financial statement audit 

Get a comprehensive review of your spending habits. This is a necessary but time consuming process and it's where most people get stuck on their financial journey. You'll be able to use this to get super clear on your cash flow and know exactly how much you're spending, saving, & investing and how these habits impact your goals.

Personalized Investing Prep Kit 

This is the exact workbook I used to pay off over $30,000 and increase my net worth by over $100k in 2 years. I'll help you set this up and we'll use it to track and celebrate the wins!

Account structuring plan 

I'll show you exactly what accounts you need and how to automate them to make managing your finances EASY!

A personal cheering squad of 1

Fun fact: I actually used to be a cheerleader! On that note, let's be honest... taking control of your finances can be empowering, but frustrating moments are bound to pop up. I'm here to make this journey as easy as possible and help get you over and bumps come up along the way-- you can do this, promise!

Text support

Need support in-between meet- ups? I got you covered!


Receive a discount on any Holistic Personal Finance courses (Credit course coming soon!).

A celebratory gift!

Remember, this program is all about balance! So when you accomplish one of your goals, instead of speeding to the next one, we'll make sure to take a pause and celebrate!

Our Step-by-Step Plan

We'll meet 3 times in the first month. This is a general outline and will be specific to you.

No one-size-fits-all-finance here!

Meeting #1 Let's get clear

Seeing the numbers can be scary, but empowering. We'll work to craft a flexible cash flow plan (not a budget) around your priorities & calculate your net worth.

Meeting #2 Stay prepared & Dealing with Debt

Staying prepared for emergencies and getting your debts under control are vital actions to take before making any big money moves. We'll work to develop a strategy for both here.

Meeting #3 Automation & Intentional Spending

Automation & intentional spending is the secret to make managing money less time consuming and less stressful.

Meeting #4 Money Mindset

Your mindset and values will guide your success. I want you to open your mind to new opportunities & keep you motivated to accomplish your goals!

Meeting #5 Investing 101

Investing is key to reaching your long term goals like retirement or work-flexibility. Let's build your confidence & get you on your way to building wealth!

Meeting #6 Time to celebrate

I want you to leave the program feeling confident about your financial future. We'll review any lingering topics & celebrate your successes here!

So, you're ready to make a change and enjoy life changing financial results.

Holistic Financial Coaching is right for you if...

  • You have financial goals that you want to accomplish quickly!
  • You want to get your finances in order today, but also learn and gain the confidence to make smart money moves in the future.
  • You're tired of flying by the seat of your pants or having a plan that never works.
  • You're ready to sleep soundly & lose the anxiety caused by money troubles.
  • You're craving a financial roadmap detailed just for you.
  • You're highly motivated to better your financial situation and willing to put in the efforts needed.
  • You wish you had someone by your side to encourage you, help you see the big picture & confirm you're going in the right direction.
  • You want to feel in control to up level your financial situation.
  • You don't want to waste your time with activities that get you nowhere.
I'm ready to learn more about Holistic Financial Coaching!

Hi, I'm Genevieve

I’m Genevieve and I’m a financial services professional -> financial wellness coach. After over a decade working in finance and helping clients find success, I started to realize that I wasn't accomplishing my own financial goals. Then I started to focus on my money mindset. I become more grateful and stopped comparing myself to others (as much). I put into practice the proven methods I had developed to help other people build wealth by creating an easy, simple, and automated spending plan that helped me pay down debt fast and increase my income.

Lo and behold- it worked! In 2 years, I paid off over $30,000 of debt, created multiple income streams and increased my net worth by over $100,000. The best part- because I finally had my mindset figured out, I did all this without depriving myself of all the wonderful things I love…I finally found the last piece of the financial success puzzle and I’m excited to share my formula with you!

As a financial wellness coach I help people save more, pay down debt, borrow wisely & invest to build wealth. My goal is to empower you with easy to use information about all things personal finance so you can take action and find balance your money with your life. It is possible to build wealth while living well!

Today's the day.

Ready to finally feel empowered & in control of your finances?

In 12 weeks you could be saying

  • "What credit card debt? I'm done with that!"
  • "I know I'm getting the best deal, I have a great credit score!"
  • "I'm closing on my first home tomorrow!"
  • "I sleep better at night knowing that I'm prepared for an emergency"
  • "Investing is actually easier than I thought- I'm well on my way to a healthy retirement!"
  • "It takes me about an hour a month to manage my money. The best part is I know it's working hard for me behind the scenes!"

How would that make you feel?

More importantly, what would happen if you didn't make any changes? If you just kept doing the same old things, how much money would that cost you?

Look, I know you may be thinking 'Ok, I'll look into this once (fill in your perfect scenario here).' The truth is, there is no 'perfect' time to start. I teach the 85% rule in my coaching program: this means that if you're at least 85% sure to start investing, you're probably sure enough! And really, what better investment is there than investing in yourself?!

Holistic Financial Coaching is designed to teach you how to develop your own financial plan and actually stick to it so you feel empowered to make the best money decisions for you- no matter what your current situation is! This means the lessons you learn here will carry you for the rest of your life!

I'm ready to feel empowered about my money & take control over my finances!

You're questions, answered.

I want to learn more about Holistic Financial Coaching

Holistic Financial Coaching

Today's the day.

There's no better time to invest in yourself. Finally feel empowered & in control of your finances!

I can't wait to help you crush some money goals!

What will your twelve week transformation look like?

I'm ready, let's do this!